Vanguard Retail Assessment Tool (RAT)

Privacy Policy

The Vanguard Retail Assessment Tool (RAT) is a GPS enabled software application that is capable of storing, segregating and classifying specified retail data and information observed or photographed by the user or its agents at user stores/facilities within any fixed geographical radius designated by the user. The retail data and information entered into the RAT by the authorized user is stored therein at the discretion of the user. Vanguard may request user name, residence address, telephone number, and e-mail address from all users in order to assign a unique, discrete username and password identifier to each authorized user. Such username and password will control access to the user’s RAT. Vanguard saves this personal information provided by the user, but does not share, sell, or trade it, in whole or part, to any third party. Vanguard may share the personal information, or the discrete identifiers, with certain of its contractors who are performing services for Vanguard specifically related to the RAT application. Such contractors may not use the information or identifiers for any other purpose.

Upon request by a user, Vanguard or its authorized agents may utilize the personal information, username and/or password identifier provided by an authorized user to access the user’s RAT application in order to assist in customizing, developing, or troubleshooting the content, layout, structure or organization of the user’s collected data, or to demonstrate potential functions or operations of the RAT.

Vanguard may also track certain usages and techniques of employment by the user of application functions for the purposes of monitoring the performance of the RAT, and of improving and refining its operational characteristics.

The Vanguard RAT will not contain, or authorize the placement of, advertising on its application.