Product packaging is one of the first things a customer sees.

Long before interacting with your product, your customers will be interacting with your product packaging. Packaging can be so much more than a nice product protector. It can tell the brand story, provide information to help the consumer make an educated purchase decision, or cause a consumer to make an impulse purchase.

Vanguard Companies provides our clients the ability to print high-graphic flexo, litho, and digital printing. Having multiple printing capabilities ensures a cost-effective packaging solution that meets your needs, budget and delivers the shelf impact to attract, engage and convert shoppers.

A well-designed, retail-ready packaging solution can allow up to 35% faster stocking times within any retail environment.

Vanguard Companies can help you streamline the entire supply chain and continue to add impact to your products and brands on the shelf.

Vanguard Companies retail-ready and shelf-ready packaging is engineered, optimized, and tested to protect and present your product effectively at retail.